Hello Y3

Hello Y3. What a great week you had last week. Skeletons and Chromebooks and Healthy Eating!

This Monday afternoon we are going to be doing indoor P.E. which is gymastics again. Symmetrical and Asymmetrical balances. We will be developing the ideas we started last week.

As well as PE we will be carrying on the work we started with Human and Physical features in Geography.

All of the resources for PE and Geography are on last week’s blog post.

Click on the picture and you will be transported back in time to this time last week.

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Monday 12th January

Hello Y3, It’s back to normal Monday afternoon tomorrow. 

Our three activities will be, Guided Reading, Geography and PE……as well as KS2 Assembly….lots to do and so little time.

Because it is a new term I’ll be reading with a different group. We’ll find out tomorrow which group it is.

PE, is indoor and it is gymnastics and going over the activities you did with Miss Lewis Brown last term which was symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes

Your task will  be to:

Your sequence should show clear changes of speed. Link 3 different balances with 3 different ways of travelling.

Work with a partner to create a sequence.  From your starting shape move together by e.g. travelling on hands and feet, rolling, jumping. Then you must move apart to finish. Your sequence should contain 4 elements and you must travel in an “L” shaped pathway.

Symmetry and Asymmetry are words that are ideas that are used a lot in Mathematics. Watch this video from the BBC to find out how gymnastics and mathematics are perfect partners.

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For Geography we will be looking at the human and physical features of the United Kingdom.

If you are not sure of the difference between human and physical Geography then look through this Slideshare presentation.

Then we are going to use this presentation to do some human and physical investigations using atlases and, hopefully, iPads.

If everything gets done, Y3 will have worked, very , very hard!

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA)

Monday is the start of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities part of the PE curriculum.

The learning objectives are all about working together in groups and teams to solve problems, taking turns, cooperating listening to ideas from friends and using mapping skills.

Here is a video from Heath School in Wakefield who showed some of their activities.

Screenshot 2014-11-16 at 17.17.20

On Monday, we are going to start with Cup and Domes.

 Sets up a court with half the cones pointing upwards like a cup and half the cones pointing downwards like a dome. With two teams, one team must turn the cups over to make them domes and the other team must turn the domes over to make cups.

Crossing the Stream.

A stream is marked out by using ropes. Small groups of children are to use the hoops provided as stepping stones in order to cross the stream. If a child steps out of the hoop the group begins again. Only four feet are allowed in any one hoop at any one time. Take hoops away or allow only three feet in a hoop to make the challenge more difficult.

Finally, Snakes.

Divide the children into two groups and spread them evenly along

the length of each of the long ropes before picking them up. Without letting go, switching position or allowing the rope to touch the ground, each group should follow a basic course of manoeuvring around cones or through hoops.

Back in the classroom, as we will be using maps of the school grounds in our OAA,  we will making a seating plan of the classroom.

Good luck!