Human and Physical Features…with iPads and research

This week we are going to make sure we get the Human and Physical features of the United Kingdom work completed. After Guided Reading (straight after lunch) we are going to give PE a miss and using iPads, the big map of the United Kingdom and your own research sheets we are locate six different features.

The link to the National Curriculum requirements of this area of study is:

Screenshot 2015-02-08 at 16.27.41


A quick reminder of the difference between human and physical features.

Here are your research sheets for Monday:

Screenshot 2015-02-08 at 16.20.20

Screenshot 2015-02-08 at 16.13.15


Monday is …….

…..Gymnastics, Guided Reading and Geography.

In Gymnastics we are going to extend the sequences from two people to four people in each group but still with the theme of symmetry.

Guided Reading is with the Potato group and in Geography we are going to try and fill the United Kingdom map full of human and physical features…..and try and make sure that they are all in the same place.

Don’t forget, you can get started and be ready for Geography by adding your information to Y3’s Padlet.

Human and Physical Features

We will be carrying on with human and physical features in Geography tomorrow. Forgotton what they are? Watch this very short PowToon to remind you.

The task tomorrow will be to find out about three different human and physical features of the United Kingdom and locate them on a big map. Get a head start on this task by contributing to our Padlet.

PE is gym and developing the symmetrical sequences is the aim. Have a look at this video of another school’s sequences. What do you think about them?

Of course there will be Guided Reading, so we have to keep busy to get everything done!

Hello Y3

Hello Y3. What a great week you had last week. Skeletons and Chromebooks and Healthy Eating!

This Monday afternoon we are going to be doing indoor P.E. which is gymastics again. Symmetrical and Asymmetrical balances. We will be developing the ideas we started last week.

As well as PE we will be carrying on the work we started with Human and Physical features in Geography.

All of the resources for PE and Geography are on last week’s blog post.

Click on the picture and you will be transported back in time to this time last week.

Screenshot 2015-01-18 at 10.11.29

Monday 12th January

Hello Y3, It’s back to normal Monday afternoon tomorrow. 

Our three activities will be, Guided Reading, Geography and PE……as well as KS2 Assembly….lots to do and so little time.

Because it is a new term I’ll be reading with a different group. We’ll find out tomorrow which group it is.

PE, is indoor and it is gymnastics and going over the activities you did with Miss Lewis Brown last term which was symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes

Your task will  be to:

Your sequence should show clear changes of speed. Link 3 different balances with 3 different ways of travelling.

Work with a partner to create a sequence.  From your starting shape move together by e.g. travelling on hands and feet, rolling, jumping. Then you must move apart to finish. Your sequence should contain 4 elements and you must travel in an “L” shaped pathway.

Symmetry and Asymmetry are words that are ideas that are used a lot in Mathematics. Watch this video from the BBC to find out how gymnastics and mathematics are perfect partners.

Screenshot 2015-01-11 at 14.11.42


For Geography we will be looking at the human and physical features of the United Kingdom.

If you are not sure of the difference between human and physical Geography then look through this Slideshare presentation.

Then we are going to use this presentation to do some human and physical investigations using atlases and, hopefully, iPads.

If everything gets done, Y3 will have worked, very , very hard!

The Monday before Christmas

Hello Y3. The Monday before Christmas will be last session of of our OAA activites, so as long as the weather is ok, we will be outside……… don’t forget your kit….and spare socks!

Finishing off the map skills work will also be done. It is the map symbol sheet we started last week. It’s on the blog and can be printed off if you would like to have a go at home.

See you all tomorrow.

Y3 On Monday Afternoon.

Hello Y3.

On Monday we have three things to do.

  • Guided Reading
  • OAA
  • Map Skills


I really look forward to Guided Reading. It’s a great chance to ask some really hard questions! There are usually fabulous answers. I hope tomorrow is the same!


If we manage to go outside (I’ve seen the weather forecast) you will need to wrap up warm, so make sure you have the right things to wear. T Shirt, tracksuit (or something similiar), trainers and a pair of socks….as there’s nothing worse than soggy socks.

Last week’s OAA was great. Lots of really good working together as a team and encouraging positive skills to complete the tasks. Let’s hope the next session brings the same results.

The Map Skills session is based on finding out about map symbols.

Here is the worksheet we will be using.

See you tomorrow Y3.